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Dr. Rowena Moore was born in the West Indies, and now resides in the US.   She holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and special education. Dr. Moore also has a master’s degree and doctorate in speech-language pathology.  Due to her experience working with children for over twenty-one years, Dr. Moore has the skills needed to effectively communicate with children on their level.

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My Story

Dr. Moore is known as Wendy to her family, Ro to her colleagues and friends, and Dr. Moore to her students.   She is a dedicated Christian who is actively involved in her church.   Dr. Moore enjoys spending quality time with her friends. Her commitment to her friends and family has given her the opportunity to walk alongside them in their grief.

Often described as a world traveler, Dr. Moore enjoys helping others around the world. Her medical mission trips have taken her to China, El Salvador, Guyana, Kosovo, Nicaragua, and Kenya. In her travels from the ancient ruins of China to the Maasai villages scattered in remote part of Kenya, she has met many who had to deal with the loss of loved ones. Her hope is that this book will bring comfort to many around the world.

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